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Savory pie with spinach and fontina

How to prepare the savory pie with spinach and fontina Clean the spinach, remove the end part with the roots and blanch for about 7-8 minutes in a little salted water. Drain them, pass them under cold water to stop cooking and squeeze them very well: in this way you will eliminate the vegetation water and prevent them from releasing liquids during cooking.
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House Plants

Calamondin Care: Tips On Growing The Dwarf Calamondin Tree

To get started caring for a Calamondin we need to first learn a little about the plant.Citrus mitis (SIT-rus MIT-iss) hails from China. It is a cross between kumquat trees and mandarin orange trees.The Calamondin tree, along with another citrus (aka Meyer lemon trees), is a group of plants able to handle cooler temperatures but also move indoors and outdoors.
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Growing Tips

Hydrogen Peroxide For Plants: How To Use (H2O2) In The Garden

Everyone is familiar with hydrogen peroxide uses as a topical antiseptic and a personal care product.However, most people are unaware of the fact that hydrogen peroxide a simple substance has amazing benefits and is something of a miracle product when it comes to gardening. In every phase and type of gardening, hydrogen peroxide can be extremely useful and helpful.
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Is The Crown Of Thorns Plant Poisonous or Toxic?

The Crown of Thorns, also known with common names Christ thorn or Christ plant, is a flowering plant species from the spurge of family Euphorbiaceae.The association with Christ comes from the biblical account of Jesus wearing a woven crown of thorns, made from the stems of the plant, during the events leading to his crucifixion.
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Using Sticky Traps and Sticky Tape For Insects

Using sticky tape and sticky traps is a very safe and effective way to deal with pest insects in your garden.When you use these products, you do away with the use of harmful chemicals.In this article, we discuss the use of these innovative products and share advice to help you choose just the right product for your situation.
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Peperomia Frost Care: Growing | Propagation | Pests

Peperomia Frost is a cultivar of the Peperomia (pep-er-ROH-mee-uh) branch of the Piperaceae plant family. These perennial plants originally hail from the West Indies, South America and Mexico.There are over a thousand Peperomia species, and all are close relatives of the Piper nigrum, or true black pepper plant.
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